Gutter Guard

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Gutter Guard Installation & Maintenance

Gutter guard is a type of protective mesh, installed into the plumbing system and gutter of your roof to reduce the frequency of cleaning and protect your gutter from damage and debris. Your gutter will be protected from leaves, branches, and pests.

What are the benefits of gutter protection?

Gutters can quickly become blocked in a matter of a few weeks to months, especially when overhanging trees and branches are involved. The positioning of the gutter also causes leaf litter to remain where it has landed, and not be blown away or moved by water. This can cause downpipes to block, meaning water will overflow from the guttering and onto the roof and the area underneath.

Gutter Guard will help to keep those gutters clear of leaf litter, meaning cleaning becomes less frequent.

Gutter Guard Installation in Ballarat
Triple G Gutter Guard Mesh

Our gutter guard

Gutter Cleaning Ballarat uses and recommends the versatile Triple-G Gutter Mesh. Invented in Australia, the Triple-G Gutter Mesh is a copolymer mix of carbon black and high-density polyethylene. 

The result? The strongest, non-metal gutter protecting mesh that has ever been created. 

Triple-G is available in a range of colours, to match your existing guttering or roofing.


Gutter guard installation

Triple-G Gutter Mesh‘s flexible material is easier to mould to the gutter, creating a near-perfect fit. Triple-G has a minimum life expectancy of 25 years, and is UV resistant to avoid damage and breakdown, unlike cheaper products on the market.

There’s no need to move tiles or use a drill to install the gutter guard, making it easy to quickly remove or replace. The fine mesh design also blocks debris from falling into the gutter and protects from pests.

Gutter Guard Installation Ballarat

If you’re interested in the most cost-effective gutter guard on the market, including installation, contact Gutter Cleaning Ballarat today!