Bird Proofing

Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, Victoria

Bird Proofing Ballarat

Gutter Cleaning Ballarat offer a range of bird proofing solutions. You won’t have to worry about your home or building being damaged by pest birds!

The problem of pest birds

Many of the bird species that nest in gutters are introduced pests. Australian native birds will nest in trees, while pests and invasive species will nest wherever they can – including your gutters!

These birds will even nest under solar panels, underneath roof tiles, around antennae, in chimneys, and in downpipes. The most common species found in Ballarat include Pigeons, Starlings, and Mynas, which all love to nest in gutters and roof cavities and damage your property.

Solar panel bird proofing
Bird Spikes Ballarat

Additional concerns

Bird nests can be detrimental to your health as well as the health of your property, especially when the nests grow to be quite large.

Diseases such as psittacosis, histoplasmosis and cryptococcus can all be transferred from birds to humans, as well as parasites such as mice and lice that can migrate through cavities in the walls. These parasites can be very difficult to remove once your home is infected. Some species of birds also bring rubbish to build their nests which will clog your gutter and cause a fire hazard.

Our Bird Proofing Solutions

Gutter Cleaning Ballarat’s bird proofing will provide the best protection for your gutters against those unwanted visitors.

While installing the protection, we can also clean up and bird-related messes that may be present. Our combination of bird spikes and gutter guards will keep those birds away for good.

Mesh around solar panels

Our fully trained team at Gutter Guard Ballarat are happy to inspect your property to determine the type of pest-proofing you require. Reach out to us today!