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Sturt Street, Ballarat, Victoria

Gutter Cleaning Ballarat & Surrounds

Gutter Cleaning Ballarat provides high-quality gutter cleaning services at an affordable price.

We service the City of Ballarat, including the suburbs of Wendouree, Mount Helen, Sebastopol, Alfredton, Delacombe, Mitchell Park, Buninyong, and Windermere; plus surrounding areas including Invermay, Ballan, Lal Lal, and Smythesdale.

High-quality service

Gutter Cleaning Ballarat’s gutter cleaning services include a full, detailed gutter and downpipe clean to ensure your guttering system is completely free of debris and leaf litter.

This service can also include:

High-quality Gutter Cleaning in Ballarat
Ballarat Gutter Cleaner

Why is it important to keep gutters clean and well maintained?

Your gutter can have detrimental effects on your home if not maintained regularly. Leaf litter and debris that can build up is often not washed-out during rain events.

A blocked gutter can cause water to spill onto the roof and into the ceiling of your home, causing large amounts of damage, and overflow onto areas below the gutter. The excess water that does not flow away can cause rot and corrosion on the gutter and can prove quite costly to be repaired. The combined weight from the debris and water can even lead to gutters falling off!

The leaf litter and debris clogging the gutter can also be an invitation for pests to take up residence at your home. Waterlogged gutters provide an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes, as well as other water-breeding insects. Birds, rats, and mice will enjoy a gutter full of leaf litter, as it is the perfect place for a nest to be built, allowing them access into your home – the nests can also be difficult to clean, especially if the animal continually returns. This nesting area may also allow for plant seedlings and fungi to grow in the gutter, a potentially costly problem if roots grow into your home.

During summertime, excess leaf litter is a fire hazard, especially in areas prone to bushfires. Even the smallest ember could start a fire in your gutter, quickly spreading throughout the gutter system and causing extensive damage to your property and others.

Ballarat Gutters Cleaned

Ensure your gutters are well-maintained with our team of industry professionals. Contact us today for a quote!